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Third Grade

In 3rd grade, students embark on an engaging educational journey that builds upon their earlier learning experiences and prepares them for more complex academic challenges. This pivotal year introduces them to a diverse range of subjects and concepts that foster both academic growth and personal development. It's also the year students begin taking the STAAR Exam.

In mathematics, 3rd graders expand their mathematical horizons by delving into multiplication and division, exploring concepts of fractions, and honing their understanding of place value and patterns. These foundational skills lay the groundwork for future mathematical proficiency.

Language arts takes on new dimensions as students enhance their reading comprehension skills, tackling more intricate texts and narratives. They analyze characters, settings, and themes, while also expanding their vocabulary and developing a deeper appreciation for literature. In writing, 3rd graders refine their ability to construct coherent paragraphs, craft creative stories, and express themselves with greater fluency and clarity.

Science in 3rd grade invites exploration into various disciplines, such as life sciences, earth sciences, and physical sciences. 

Social studies curriculum widens their understanding of their community and the broader world. 

In addition to academic growth, 3rd graders also continue to develop essential life skills. They hone their critical thinking abilities, learn to approach problems with resilience, and practice effective collaboration through group projects and discussions.

Physical education remains a cornerstone, encouraging students to be physically active and engage in various sports and activities, promoting a healthy lifestyle from an early age. Art, music, and other creative outlets provide opportunities for self-expression and exploration.