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First Grade

In 1st grade at Silsbee Elementary School, children will continue to build upon the foundational skills they acquired at Laura Reeves Primary while gradually advancing to more complex concepts. The curriculum is designed to promote academic growth, social development, and critical thinking. 

  1. Reading and Language Arts:

  2. Mathematics:

  3. Science

  4. Social Studies

  5. Social Skills:

    • Cooperation: Students learn to work collaboratively, share, and take turns.
    • Problem Solving: They develop basic problem-solving skills and conflict resolution strategies.
    • Empathy: Building on kindergarten, children continue to learn about understanding and considering others' feelings.
  6. Fine Motor Skills:

    • Handwriting: Students refine their handwriting skills, working on forming letters and numbers more accurately.
    • Art and Crafts: Engaging in various art projects helps improve fine motor coordination and creativity.
  7. Physical Education

  8. Music and Art:

    • Creative Expression: Students engage in activities that encourage self-expression through music and art.